Our Story

We launched Peter Harsch Prosthetics in October of 2012. After a 20-year career in prosthetics, Peter realized that there was a gap in available services: There was no “one-stop shop” healthcare facility focused entirely on achieving the perfect fit between active amputee and high-performance artificial limb.

Peter Harsch Prosthetics fills this gap. PHP allows Peter the space to incorporate the high level of individual care, technical perfection and team environment that define his groundbreaking approach to prosthetics.

As a technician in the industry, Peter developed an engineer’s understanding of the design of modern prostheses. As a certified clinician, Peter also realized that no component could offer a perfect fit “off the shelf.” Pairing prostheses to energetic individuals requires a hands-on approach to patient care, defined by relentless fine-tuning, an artist’s eye for form, and an environment in which patients are comfortable with staff and support each other.

Hands-on approach to patient care, defined by relentless fine-tuning, an artist’s eye for form, and
a family environment that fosters innovation.

We have created a family-run clinic focused on the single goal of 100 percent patient satisfaction. PHP is free of the structural restrictions of large hospitals. We assume that the pairing process demands an “on-call” environment of continual communication and customization. We strive for a team atmosphere that fosters innovation.

“You can have the most high-tech knee system, but if the prosthesis doesn’t fit right, it’s worthless,” Peter has said repeatedly. As a thirteen-time Ironman, Peter knows firsthand the demands of high-endurance athletes. He is motivated by the same desire that fuels personal progression in the face of any obstacle.

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